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Day 7: Genesis 18, 19, 20

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  The lesson that Abraham learned about waiting for God to carry out a promise or to answer a prayer, is always new and always difficult.  God always asks us to trust him to do what is best for us; God always asks us to trust in his character.

In Genesis 18, when God visited Abraham,  he was told that within a year's time he and Sarah would have a son.  Sarah laughed because both she and her husband were "well advanced in years and past child-bearing age" (Genesis 18: 11 - 12).  But God responded "Is anything too hard for God?"

I think that this is a question I, and many believers, grapple with constantly.  Genesis begins with the declaration that God created everything that is.  While we agree that God created the universe, we often speculate as to whether or not he really cares enough about each individual person, or about "me" specifically, to change our circumstances for the better.   Often people just don't believe that God has their greater good in mind and they take matters into their own hands.

In Genesis 18, God revealed to Abraham that he was going to investigate the sin of Sodom and Gemorrah.  Abraham understood God's plan and then interceded with God on behalf of the righteous in those cities. When Abraham asked that the righteous be spared sure destruction,  God agreed to that.

As it turned out, the only righteous family in these cities was that of Lot,  Abraham's nephew.  The angels of the Lord finally grabbed Lot, his wife, and his 2 daughters and led them out of Sodom and told them to flee quickly to a neighboring town.  Once Lot was safely way, the "Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gemorrah" and completely destroyed the cities.

Scripture tells us that God is Sovereign over all of our lives.  Because he would rather that none perish in any judgement that may befall the earth or an individual,  God calls out to mankind.  God promises to be with us as we walk through troubles and difficulties thus strengthening us and enabling us to live more successfully.   Through the story of Lot, God tells us that even though they were only a small contingency of four righteous souls, he cared enough for them to spare them from destruction.

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