Saturday, September 4, 2010

Numbers 1,2,3 God Chooses Leaders

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 Sometimes you meet a rare person who just seems to know you. Conversations are uncanny because both of you say the same words simultaneously. You just know that this person understands and knows you. And, doesn’t it just feel comfortable to be in that person’s company?

So, in the very first chapter of the Book of Numbers, God is recorded as telling Moses who to appoint as a leader of each tribe. Moses didn’t get to choose; the tribe didn’t get to vote someone in; God chose the man for the job by name. I think that this is amazing.

When you think of God being a personal God, this takes it to another level. God is not just personal but He knew each man in Israel and He knew who He wanted to serve as leaders. Moses’ job was to find these men and then, to officially, give them the position. In these chapters God demonstrates that He knows each person by name and that He knows the heart of each person.

Although this happened so long ago, I don’t believe that God’s deep knowledge of men ceased to function at that time. God continues to know each of us intimately, to know each of us by name, and to call each of us to Himself. While God calls each of us to a job He has prepared for us to do, we can’t accept the appointment unless we first heed His call and receive His forgiveness.
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