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1 Samuel 20 - 24: David's Path to Kingship

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David, the newly anointed King of Israel, began to serve his country as a musician/exorcist for King Saul.  Over time he was also the armor bearer for King Saul, a giant slayer, and later a military leader.  To the degree that God blessed him with success in all that he did, King Saul hated him and sought to kill him.  Finally, David, after a few attempts on his life, continued to serve God by running from King Saul.

It is interesting to note that David's ascent to the throne was not effected through mass rebellion against the existing King.   David persevered through years of perilous circumstances, forever fleeing his enemy whom he would not fight because he was God's anointed.

Even though Saul was a godless scoundrel who wanted to establish a dynasty by his own strength, David chose to let God bring His own plan to fruition.  Rather than to overthrow King Saul, David chose to live in the hostile Judean hills, where he waited for God to act.

So, for years David's life was that of a fugitive.  As the discontented and disenfranchised elements of Israel aligned themselves with him, David  kept his focus on God's will, constantly reminding himself that what God had promised, He would bring about.

During these wilderness years, while David struggled with reconciling God's will for his life with the harshness of his reality, God inspired him to write incredible psalms which, even today, speak to the soul of man.  David's music calmed the demons that tormented Saul. Spanning millennia, David's lyrics calm the hearts of men and refocus troubled spirits to ponder God's eternal promises.

While David eventually took his place in the history of Israel as a king who loved God and who led his nation wisely, his most lasting legacy was his prophetic poetry.  The psalms of David are a testimony of a man's growing love for God as he wrestled with the seeming discrepancies between what God's promised and the reality in which men live.

In the end, all of God's promises were realized.  David's faith in God's Sovereignty allowed God to work out the details.

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