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1 Kings 3, 4 Solomon's Wisdom

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Essentially, David's last directive to Solomon was to observe God's law so that all would go well with him.  Solomon understood that  he had to "unzip" this "file" of condensed counsel.  By observing how his father ruled, Solomon understood that the key to David's success was his relationship to God.  

Solomon understood that he, too, would have to develop his own special relationship with God.  As he sought to apply David's instruction by consolidating the support of his monarchy, Solomon must have pondered extensively on how to effectively rule over Israel. During his first years, as he was tying the loose ends from his father's reign,  he may have anticipated that some "loose ends" of his own might develop over the years.  Though David said that you rule by staying close to God, Solomon may have wondered how to apply that in practice.  How does the spiritual manifest itself  in routine life?  

God gave Israel a set of laws by which they were to live.  One set of laws directed human interaction and the other described how man is permitted to approach God.  Disobedience 
to either group of laws resulted in broken or fractured relationships.  Restoration of relationships usually was accomplished through principles demanded by justice.  

After having squashed the dissidents David warned him about and thanking God for all that He had done, Solomon had  a dream in which God appeared to him and asked him to make a request of Him.  God said that He would give him anything he wanted.  

In the dream, Solomon answered God by first acknowledging and thanking God for His kindness and faithfulness to David.  Solomon told God that he recognized just how much He blessed David.  After he thanked God for placing him on the throne,  Solomon also told God just how bewildering, overwhelming, and practically impossible it would be for him to rule effectively in his own strength.  Solomon confessed before God that Israel belonged to Him and required an enlightened King to rule over them.  Solomon then asked for wisdom, בִּין (biyn), so that he could judge between right and wrong.  God granted his request.

In Hebrew,  בִּין (biyn), means to discern as in to rationally and objectively  see through circumstances or events.  Solomon understood that his job as king to not only entailed making  treaties, leading military campaigns, managing national resources, but also effecting a respectable justice department.   Because he asked God for godly discernment, Solomon made justice the highest priority of his administration.  And it still stands true today that if constituents do not sense that justice is being upheld,  they revolt. 

Solomon wanted a stable reign, so he asked for the wisdom needed to be able to govern the people of Israel.   God gave the Law to Israel and Solomon wanted to properly share this wealth with the nation so that everyone would know that God, who anointed David and appointed his heir, was just.  Solomon ruled by God's appointment and as such he wanted to reflect God's will in Israel.  By judging according to the Law, Solomon helped his people to see that they worshipped a holy God.  By extending mercy, where justice demanded punishment, Solomon helped his people see God's love.

By asking God to enable him to better understand the Law, Solomon aligned himself with his Creator, thus taking his father's advise to heart. 

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